Sport Science International


Sport Science International clinicians and videographers are interested in helping athletes and their coaches master the psychological skills that underly success in sport and in life. Our hands-on mental training (MT) sessions are designed to help athletes relax, concentrate, set and achieve goals, image/visualize, and manage negative thoughts. To enhance performance, we combine sport psychology with videotape feedback. A good picture is worth a thousand words! Interventions are specifically designed to help players overcome problems such as tension, anxiety and fear of failure.

Sport Science International incorporates two methods to athletic success. They are Sport Psychology and Sport Videography. Sport psychology focuses on mental training. Techniques such as cognitive restructuring, goal setting, and others are taught to optimize peak performance. Individual athlete and coach counseling is utilized. Sport videography is the production of videos that can capture and improve the playing skills of the athlete and/or the team. These videos are very important in promoting athletes who desire college scholarships to recruiters.

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